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Read More / Less

The Read More/Less element is collapsing and expanding the content with the “Read More” and “Read Less” buttons. It is a flexible element. So you can add any content like text, image, video, gallery, etc.

Read More
Read More
Read Less

Activate The Element

At first, you will activate the Read More/Less element after activating your license key. You will go to your Dashboard -> Zion Builder -> ZiUltimate page. Under the Elements tab, you will get the elements list. Checkmark the Read More/Less element and save the settings.

Activate Read More/Less Element

How To Use

Open the zion builder editor and add the Read More/Less element from ZiUltimate category. You will get the “+” blue circle button. Click on the button and add any elements, templates, etc inside the Read More/Less element.

Any content that is taller than 150px will get auto-collapsed by default. Height can be adjusted in the element’s settings panel.

Button text, icons, colors, size, etc are controllable from the element’s settings UI.

Editor Preview

This element has a lot of options for customization. You can build a cool UI for your site. When you will add/edit the content for the reading more/less section, you will enable the “Editing Content on Builder?” option. After completing the work, you will disable this option. See the builder preview

Builder Editor Preview
Builder Editor Preview

Hide The Arrow Icons

You can hide the arrow icons if you just want the text. Go to Styling -> More / Less Button Icon-> Display section and set the display “none”.