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Mini Cart

The Mini Cart element will allow the user to add the mini WooCommerce cart content on the shop site. You can place this element inside the other elements like Off-Canvas, Sidebar, Cart Counter, Modal, etc.

Mini Cart Element
Mini Cart

Minimum Requirements

Make sure that you already installed and activated the following plugins on your site:

  1. WooCommerce Plugin
  2. Zion Builder Pro Plugin

Activate The Element

At first, you will activate the Mini Cart element from your Dashboard -> Zion Builder -> ZiUltimate page. Under the Woo Elements tab, you will get a lot of elements. Select the Mini Cart element and save the settings. Now element is activated and ready for builder.

How To Use

At first, you will add one product to the cart. Then open the builder editor and put this element as a nested element inside a column, section, container layouts or cart counter, off-canvas, modal, etc elements. Now you customize the default design like background, title color, size, font, buttons color, etc from the builder editor.

Reveal Off-Canvas Panel

If you are using this element inside the Off-Canvas element, you will enable both settings Using inside the off-canvas element? and Slide out the off-canvas panel?. The off-Canvas panel will automatically slide out when a new product is added to the cart.