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Image Comparison

The Image Comparison element gives you the before and after image slider functionality. It allows you to create horizontal or vertical before/after image sliders. You can customize everything like comparison handle color, size, position, typography, etc.

You can also fetch the images from ACF or any other plugin. It is fully supporting the dynamic data functionality and fetching the data from the custom fields.

Image Comparison
Image Comparison: Builder Preview

Activate The Element

At first, you will activate the Image Comparison element after activating your license key. You will go to your Dashboard -> Zion Builder -> ZiUltimate page. Under the Elements tab, you will get the elements list. Checkmark the Image Comparison element and save the settings.

Activate Image Comparison Element
Activate Image Comparison Element

How To Use

Image Comparison Element


If the preview is not showing correctly or messed up on the builder editor due to changing the image size or wrapper width, you will save the page and reload the builder editor. All would be fine.