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Creating Author Box with Zion Repeater

The ZiUltimate add-on made a custom repeater provider “Author Box Query Builder” and you can easily create the author box from the Zion builder editor. It is giving flexibility and you can make any layout. It is compatible with any post type.

Author box

How to create

Make sure that you installed and activated the ZiUltimate add-on. Now open the single post theme builder editor and follow this

  1. Add a section/container element
  2. Click on Advanced tab and expand the Repeater Option panel
  3. Select “Author Box Query Builder” provider from Query type dropdown.
  4. Enable the repeater consumer
  5. Add tne image element for profile image. Click on dynmaic tag icon and select the “author profile image” dynamic data. You can also upload the custom author image via ACF/Metabox plugin and show it via author meta or function return value dynamic option.
  6. About author name, description, etc content, you can use the heading, text element and follow the dynamic data logic.

Please follow the video